about the OPTICAL TOYS project

We use quite often some optical toys (thaumatropes, phenakistiscopes, zoetropes and flipbooks) as “starters” when doing animation workshops. It is an easy way to introduce kids on the animation concepts, but most of the times these animations, are not taken “seriously” and have no further development.

Today we can see many artists coming back to the origins of Animation and revisiting many of the pre-cinema staff on their creative approaches. Some examples of this can be: Eric Dyer’s Copenhagen Cycles, Theodore Ushev’s  Demoni, Maya Yonesho’s Wiener Wuast (and her many workshops), Alexandre Dubosc’s Caketrope, Peter Udson’s Charon, William Kentridge’s What Will Come, and many other fine examples that we can find on the YouTube, like Carp-Pet.

So, this project could be a challenge for us to find ways to include any optical toy on the animation process and create films out of a chosen Optical Toy.

Looking forward to an imaginative participation in our next AWG Project 2015 !!!


The deadline is December 20, 2014

You must send your application before 31 August 2014.

Please make sure that your ASIFA membership and annual fee is up-dated, before apply.


Anastasia Dimitra, AWG President     tel.:/fax.: +30210 6715 402

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