AWG 2014 Project ‘COLOUR’ Announced

As decided last April, via online voting, our next AWG Project 2014 will be ‘COLOUR

The compilation of the project will be coordinated by Christel Degros, who will edit all the submissions together, and make DVD copies for the participants.

Entry Deadline : 1 December 2013

Completion Deadline : February 28, 2014

Please read the attached “Rules to Participate” carefully, and make sure that your ASIFA membership and annual fee is up-dated, before apply.

about the theme ‘COLOUR

each participant should focus on ONE chosen colour in the animation.

It doesn’t matter if one colour is used by more than one participant, the point of view will be different

The theme can be approached in different ways. The purpose is that the viewer connects each film with a colour, and one can tell after seeing the project; “the participants from country A used blue, the participants from country B used red,…”

for instance;

  • – One could make a film using especially one certain colour; f.i. object animation with all objects in the same colour…
  • – abstract animation with dots, stripes, curves and curls in the same one colour
  • – a film could tell the story of a coloured character


Looking forward to your colorful participation in our next AWG Project 2014 !!!

Contact :

Christel Degros at :    tel.: +3292323394  mobile: +32477 76 11 65

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